Life, like a trail, as you walk along it will notice there are many places you cant go. Sometimes the reasons you cant go are obvious like off a cliff or through a tree. This is wisdom. 
Fear dissuades you from ever leaving the trail. Those that fear the least are free and forced to the edge by the densely slow moving center. 
The trail provides the illusion of security, because many travel it, it seems to go on forever. It is an illusion because the path was made by many, and no one has walked the length. Those that leave the path with no conviction are forgotten, as no one follows. For it is along the edges we travel to get a taste of the unknown. 
The edge is always expanding as every time we are passed, or pass we walk besides our intended path with another, if for only a moment, those are relationships.
Death is when you find yourself without a vehicle. Nothing is certain, even abandoned paths heal. No two can walk the same path, yet we are never alone.