Don't do this! Break out the butter and milk!

Oh this Santa is a bad man you see, you switch the N and it’s Satan
This guy dresses red like hell, and so very far from zen
Whipping his reindeer so hard, all the time, they fly
Yet Satan worshippers everywhere welcome him by

He visits in the dead of winter as it is most pleasant for him
He comes from hell, and this is vacation to him
He also flies at night, which is not a surprise 
When else would you expect the devil to rise?

It is no secret he visits everyone in the world without rival
This bastard never knocks or announces his arrival
Slides his fat ass down your chimney assuring a mess
Not to mention the fact he expects a snack for all this

He comes from the North Pole, a resort from hell
Covered in ice, anyone who ventures never tell
Except Satan Clause and his kidnapped bad kids
He calls them his elves in his sweat shop off the grid

Satan Clause is getting rather lazy
Most his toys are just plain crazy
And furthermore stamped on his toys
Proof of outsourcing to overseas boys

Satan Clause is old school by hundreds of years
Bringing wants and greed and plenty of tears
Little kids tell of worse legends of Satan Clause
Like waking up to find him kissing their momma’s

We make fun of ol' Satan the best we can do
We stuff him up fat, and his karma is to balloon
As long as we continue to leave out the snack
Some day he will get stuck ass first, in a stack