Day 16 -The Cold Passage o'r the North Pole - 🌏 MWT 2017

Tuesday September 12th, 2017
Hiked 3.8 miles

8:47 am

I am at the airport.  I had that Big Irish Breakfast and it was really big.  It was the sort of breakfast you want to have before you go chop a Christmas tree.  It was loaded in saturated fats and delicious. 

Being abroad makes me appreciate our country on a new level.  Bickering about the presidents hair seems to be of little concern when faced with other world problems. 

3:43 pm

That's Iceland time.  My plane will be taking off tonight at 6:30 pm and flying for 9 hours to arrive at 8:30 pm in San Francisco.  When I first got to Iceland I made a mistake that cost me about $30 US. I saw an ATM and stuck my card in it.  It ask me which currency I wanted.  There was a menu painted on the wall with different flags.  I picked the wrong one.  I chose 2,000 which would have been enough Icelandic Kronos for a meal and snack, but I got Swedish money.  I did the conversion and checked my account to find out that was $265 US. I was not in Sweden, I was in Iceland.  I took the money to the exchange counter and paid the extreme fee they charge to convert it once more. 
Poster in the airport. 

Iceland has my favorite currency.  There is a different sea creature on each one.  I told a merchant I liked that they put fish on their money.  He replied, "Fish is money."

I thought that was profound.  

Iceland is the most sparsely populated place in the world having only 300 thousand people for its entire area. Looking out the window it reminds me of a frozen New Mexico. Old volcanoes in the distance surrounded by flat desolate land. There is greener grass on it than there is in New Mexico. Some girls I talked to at the bar said they just went around the whole island. They said there was hardly anyone. They stayed at air B&Bs and said that a few times there wasn't even anyone home. They just messaged them with where the key was. 
You can't really see it in the picture, but there
were steep snow covered mountains as we passed
over the north pole.