Day 15 - Thinking of Home - ๐ŸŒ MWT 2017

Monday September 11th, 2017
Hiked 4.8 miles

2:30 pm

So today I went out to find some real Irish food and find that spinner toy with the gears I saw a few days ago.  I think my nephew would love it. 

I found a restaurant called the old mill that had something local sounding on it.  Bangers and Mash it said.  It was only a mile away so I headed off toward it.  

The restaurant was nice, elegant and hidden away. Now that I have officially acquired a taste for Guinness I ordered one to go with my food.  

When my food arrives I am disappointed after my first few bites.  I can't discern any notes of spice from the sausage.  The gravy is slightly salty, but lacks bullion.  The mash potatoes are very much just mashed potatoes. It was not my favorite, but I am learning that I have also become used to a lot of spices and salt. The beer though.  The beer still has my full attention.

5:15 pm

I ended up finding that spinner this afternoon when I bought some snacks for the night. It said 15 euros but I got it for 10.  I came back to my room and had a pleasant talk with my room-mate from Germany who is working here locally in IT and is just in transition between places. 

The sun is beating down hard outside.  Everything is wet and the air looks crisp.  The sun seems unusually brighter and closer.  It is a sight I am familiar with, but not as familiar as it must be to Ireland.  It happens a lot here. When a couple came into our room and began to cuddle on the bunk bed I came downstairs to socialize.  I met a very excited Korean that said he has been to every university on the west coast.  I think he is here for the tech college.  I met a local Irishman who offered me room and board the next time I come to town.  I met another girl who was a salon manager in Pennsylvania.

The local said they had a bad street in Dublin.  He said it is the sort of place you go to get ruthlessly cut up.  He called it Sherriff Street.  I didn't look it up, and not sure if I went down it, but it sounds like a place you should avoid. 

I am ready to go home now.  This trip has been exhausting.  You know it is a great trip when your excited to get home.