One day in ancient Greece an acquaintance met with Socrates, the great philosopher, and said, "Do you know what I just heard about your friend?"

"Hold on a minute," Socrates replied. "Before you talk to me about my friend, it might be good idea to take a moment and filter what you’re going to say, what I call it the triple filter test. The first filter is Truth. Have you made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell me is true?"

"Well, no," the man said, "actually I just heard it..."

"All right," said Socrates. "So you don’t really know if it’s true or not. Now, let’s try the second filter, the filter of Goodness. Is what you are about to tell me about my friend something good?"

"Umm, no, on the contrary…"

"So," Socrates continued, "you want to tell me something bad about my friend, but you’re not certain it’s true. You may still pass the test though, because there’s one filter left—the filter of Usefulness. Is what you want to tell me about my friend going to be useful to me?"

"No, not really."

"Well," concluded Socrates, "if what you want to tell me is neither true, nor good, nor even useful, why tell it to me at all?"

Three filters...

There is a God who went by the name Thoth.  No one could say his name right, and if they did no way to know.  The only way to know is to ask him yourself. Thoth is a God of wisdom and he tells the most outrageous stories to those that don't comprehend.

Thoth did not gain his wisdom on this planet, it simply has not been around long enough. He was a high priest on Atlantis, but when it met it's doom he left toward the land of Egypt.  The barbarians of Egypt at the time lacked the same wisdom, or knowledge as Thoth. If he did not have a birds head at the time the men would have said he was crazy. Having a birds head helped convince these people that what he said was obviously just different, not crazy.

Thoth spoke honestly and openly to the barbarian natives. He told them about how he escaped Atlantis before it's demise in his spaceship then came down to Egypt and buried his spaceship under the Sphinx.  He had compassion on men. A few Gods said he was foolish for intervening with lower life forms, but admired his wisdom in the way he went about it. He knew a few of the other local Gods as well. Such as the Dagda in Ireland who built Newgrange, and others that landed on various areas of the world.

The Gods were just as different from each other as we are.  Dagda was seen as pure alpha male, he to was a God of wisdom, but all Gods were compared to us. Those in Ireland called him the "Good God", obviously having some experience dealing with others they thought not so good.  Gods all had mastered what they were and had power over life and death.  They also die as we do when incarnate on this earth. 

Each God that cared, tried to reason with the people to help them grow out of their innocence that would hold them back. They tried to comfort regarding death, each in their own way. Thoth build pyramids, and Dogda built Newgrange.  They were built out of such large stones people today are amazed and always guessing as to how they must have done it. 

Thoth lived on our planet just as we do in our form.  He is often depicted with various heads of animals in artwork.  This is because he manifested an appearance different from our own.  If he liked dogs, the next lifetime he would grow a dogs head.  He was wise in doing this.  Men all knew he was a God, and if he took the same form men would see themselves as the same. This would cause problems as Thoth wanted their attention.  Plus it looked rather striking, as men painted him often this way.

In his divine wisdom he laughed and drank beers with other men. Beer he taught them to make. One time one of the men ask him, "How come we look different than the other creatures around us?"

Thoth was always a comedian, and enjoyed his wise puns, "Because you see differently."

"Haha! But in all seriousness..", he continued. "A long time ago there was another rag tag group of Gods.  You might call them aliens, but they were wiser than you anyway."

Thoth continued, "They saw your world pop up rather quickly.  It looked volatile, like it would not last long you know. They were thinking something like 6000 years and it would be destroyed or blow itself up. Groups would show up here for awhile, stir shit, and leave. Some used the locals for sport and satisfaction. Some would terrorize the locals, cause floods, volcanoes, plagues, and false doctrines. Some Gods fell in love with the females and made love to them as only God's could do.  In wisdom, as well as love, they did this so there would be wiser beings among you to help you gain self awareness before you blow the world up out of torment."

"All you bare skinned animals are hybrids of one of us, you are children of light as myself. That is why you can deny your instincts, that is why you can evolve in so many ways now."

There was no mistaking Thoth.  He made known to men his control over both matter and energy. He built the pyramids himself.  Men are still trying to figure out how other men made them, but it is quite simple if you know how. If you are a God.  When I was young I was taught that they had found no soot in the tunnels, so obviously there had to be slaves working in the dark. Recently, men have obviously started to only accept as truth what they can accomplish with their own works.

Thoth's wisdom speaks through the ages.  He had men paint descriptions of everything they did.  "Document it in rock", he said.  "The more solid rock, the longer it will last." In one description he had them paint the light tubes they would walk around with in the dark catacombs.  Way before Tesla's tower - the pyramids, being buried so deep and sticking up high, covered with metal which has long since weathered away, focused the earths own electrons in such a way that Egyptians just walked around with glass tubes that worked much like fluorescent lightbulbs. The pyramids themselves acting like wireless batteries. The Gods could charge this light themselves as they had direction over their natural electricity. Men could not do so unless they were enlightened. Thus we now call it being enlightened.  If one was not, they would have a hard time navigating the pyramids, pretty much impossible.  One guy tried to light a torch and go in, but at the time there was a build up of methane gases and he shot out, ass first, on fire as if through a cannon.

Thoth  lived several times on this planet and also in Europe as Hermes the thrice. He spread his wisdom upon men so they may live as they are supposed to, as they truly are, as themselves.

Thoth gave men hope.  He reasoned with them rather simply.  In fact he repeated himself verse, after verse, after verse.  To read his writing translated is fascinating as it is the same truths described with the same words, many different ways. Smart men believe it is hocus-pocus, they believe it is hypnotic propaganda set to confuse and separate the mind. This is why Thoth had his words recorded on a set of emerald tablets.  They were not made out of normal emerald.  It was a green substance that looked like emerald, but was impermeable to oxidization and corrosion. There are stories of other famous people seeing these tablets like Isaac Newton, but since then no one knows where they are at.  I would love to say I have seen them, but only read a supposed interpretation of them on the internet.

His message was simple.  He said we are all children of light, we are infant Gods. To believe you are not is to believe you are of this earth, are no more than dirt. In a material world where there is an illusion of absolute, accomplishment, progress; ego is born. If we grow too fast we marvel in ourselves so we lose our footing through pride. It is because we lack wisdom we think we should resort to power, but without wisdom, we have no power, only illusion.

So he told of these halls through which you pass when you die.  He called them the Halls of Amenti. If you had no ego, you would pass through with ease, and remember the lessons of your past lives, continuing to grow.  If you have ego, you will be reborn again, but your memory of lessons wiped clean by a god of forgetfulness and mercy so you may get it right. It is the nature of the spirit to share and the nature of the ego to take. The hell is waking up to swallow illusion and not grow, then die to relive the same torments, addictions, and weaknesses until finally waking the fuck up.

So enlightenment as it is, is simply the mastery of your own energies.  It can span lifetimes if that is your journey. All of us are children of light, he repeats this a lot.

We are all growing or dissipating. When we are dissipating we do not mind. When we are growing nothing can stop us.  Fear paralyzes our growth. Guilt and shame create karmic debts which may take more than one lifetime to pay off. We should not be sorry, because we should not do things we would be sorry for.  When we are growing we seek balance and harmony, once we have mastered one thing, we move to another, or may rest.

The hell is to believe that this world is all there is to it.  It negates a simple truth in oneself that they are something more than just material decaying. It makes desperate and greedy souls out of men.  Men collect riches, then foolishly save them for another life. The very joke is that this ego, that they may start ahead of others in the next life, will cause them to forget where they buried their treasure. They will begin again until they get this right.  It works with everything.  If you grow ego from anything it will surely destroy the whole, whether it be love, money, power, lust, or pleasures. With wisdom all things easily come, without it you toil for promised treasure. Treasure you promised yourself. Treasure you comfort your own fears with, telling yourself your earthly accomplishments will somehow benefit you in the next life.  Growth does not happen through material alone, it requires energy.  Do you believe you are matter or energy, or both?

Ego is thinking you have a secret shortcut to salvation when it's really unnecessary, or that you may gain wisdom without understanding foolishness, that you may win without first losing, or live without dying.

Thoth obviously moved on to other things eventually.  I don't know what kind of God he is now, but if you call on him for wisdom he has now mastered it.

I suppose really.. your ego is the hell of it all.                 

- ๐Ÿ‰ LKL
You never really hear a lot of legends of the Dragon world.  These legends are only partially remembered, filtered through rebirth, as their spirits have found their way to other lands as other beings. Some people say that the world moves through the universe and during a specified time every 12 years you will find spirits born of the Dragon realm. Although not everyone is a dragon that is born during this time, repeatedly you will welcome men and women you will only know, if you knew dragons.

In time, as we know it, the dragon realm existed many thousands of years before, and exist no more. It was destroyed in a violent event that we only hear partial reports about.  The ones we do know of report fires, rocks burning, huge canyons of fire opening up, and their loved ones burned or crushed before them. Even dragons are not sure what destroyed their world.  What they are sure of, is that it had nothing to do with nuclear war, pollution, or technological advances as we know of them today.

This world was far beyond lush, every living thing lived in bounty until it's very own existence balanced living in harmony with everything else. When survival became strained for a living thing it adapted slowly over time, it found it's prey very selectively, and the world bowed to the conquest of the strongest beings.

This world was not unlike our own, but only when we have seen it in it's natural nutrient rich state.  The air was more humid and rich in nitrogen. It smelled like a fertile greenhouse. It had seas, lakes, rivers, lands, deserts, and ice caps. There were cycles of change, but this world was far older than our own.  The mountains lost their sharp edges, life naturally developed and interacted with everything else of all life types. The planets rotation after tens of thousands of years had slowed to a 36 hour day.  Dragons usually only slept 7 hours a day. There was more than one sun and the darker hours were limited so dragons simply rested when they were tired. The days and nights cycled through various colored sunsets and rises from different colored suns. The contrasting light spectrums, and angles brought out the brightest colors.  Colors we can not imagine with only one spectrum of light. There was not just light and dark.  There were creatures that would only come out when the light was deep blue. Their color reacted with the light in such a magical way that it's prey never regretted it's last dinner. They appeared to glow with a pink light of their own. They looked delicious, as if you could taste a color. To view such spectrum is spectacular and it is only wisdom that can protect you from it's beauty. It enchants through desire and pleasure, yet is not evil.  It has adapted.

The planet had more land, less water, and less salt. Storms were not as fierce as the planet had lived a lot longer and was no longer building.

There was one, and only one large being that could fly.  This being was the Dragon. The dragon is one of the oldest living creatures ever, having seen thousands of years of evolution and being incredibly intelligent they were the supreme guardians of the planet. They did not fight crime, it did not exist, justice is not needed.  Life happens regardless of what you think, and there is no need to judge it. The guardians ruled with supreme passion and dedication for the planet. Dragons never developed opposable thumbs. There was no need to develop anything anyway. Every weapon a creature had developed through necessity and had been earned. So using it was just.  It's needs became such a necessity that thousands of years rewarded each with their own tools for it.

Dragons are incredibly wise because there is no fear, no evil force to be afraid of.  In fact this very thing led to the dragons enlightenment.  This world had no language as we know it. They had not needed it. Dragons are passionate, but physical intimacy as we know it does not happen there.  Dragons are scaled to protect them and physical contact and chemistry do not exist as it does for us. Reproduction could be said to be divine, but is a result of asexual fertilization upon unseen electrical or magnetic connection between two. A charge of spirit not unlike our orgasm, but involving the entire being.

Dragons, like lobsters, lived as long as they willed it, considering how well they used their manifestation, and of course, considering physical limitations. The dragons time was not destined or planned, but just as we know we will fall when we lose our footing, the dragon knows when it is time to go.  They did not believe in re-incarnation as we speak of it.  They never really thought of it. However, generation after generation of them continued to become wiser. There were no interplanetary threats that ever lived without adapting to the planet.  I suppose you could say it was darwinian in nature.  The Dragons would always warn, but that is all they could do.

When they played they were performing their biggest service to the planet. They looked upon the world with compassion. When little else was going on they would witness births, death, pain, and suffering.  Whatever dragons purpose was it was mercy. Mercy for suffering, and it was always completed with divine wisdom and love for the planet.  Dragons protect that which they value. They are smart, wise, and particularly different.  A dragon will very much do what he says. You will find it easy to talk to a dragon, but very hard to connect.

Dragons spirits are old to the dragon world and new to any other world they appear on.  Just as the eyes have a moment of blindness as they move from dark to light, so does the soul experience confusion upon awakening.  They never forget what they see, can be foolishly determined, stubborn, and difficult to communicate with.  Their intelligence generally can promote increased compassion for people, or if twisted, disgust and contempt, but then they lose their magic.  They let it go. A suicide of their creativity. Dragons know illusion, many life forms use it for protection, including dragons.

Dragons are independent creatures, naturally gregarious with other life forms. If cornered or controlled they will attempt to fight or flee as every wild thing.   They are extreme in their actions often leading to their early demise in this world. They have a strong tendency to seek adrenaline and dopamine to help nurture a void for quantities of energy they once experienced flying from mountain tops and chasing leopards across the desert.  In the Dragon world you inherently knew your boundaries. You could fly with molecular precision. Dragons have developed a sense of speed and direction that could only be gained with centuries of playful practice. Dragon spirits in other realms are often pilots, very good pilots as that. They have a knack for this dimension, and feel free when they do.  Fear of high places is not a fear a dragon avoids.  It is exciting as hell when you master it, and charges your spirit.  Dragon spirits in other realms often have dreams of flying they can not explain.

Dragons are trustworthy at a very deep, eternal level.  They always believed what they saw in other realms and are always looking for truth in worlds where everything seems strange.

Please remember that not every dragon is new to a realm.  Occasionally they will stay more than one lifetime.  That is if their first experience is not a fucking shitstorm. They may return a lifetime if they find love or compassion for others. Otherwise, to hell with your planet, a dragon will sleep ten thousand years to find a place he loves.

You ask about why the dragon world was destroyed? Nobody knows, they were just living their lives when they witnessed its end.  Maybe we ought to start asking better questions, stop trying to procrastinate, and extend the future. Start living in the now. If we make each moment the best we can, we do not need to worry about the past or the future.

Wednesday September 13th, 2017
Hiked 2.9 miles

4:03 AM

 I am glad to have made it safely home. Our landing had me wondering. We were about to touch down and suddenly the engines go full throttle and we shoot up at a 45 degree angle. After about 1500 feet the pilot banked right into his flight pattern and came on the radio. "We were lined up on wrong runway .. direction, ATC came on and said to pull up so we will fly around 5 or 10 min and come back... sorry folks."

I was surprised that the only people that were concerned was one flight attendant that I could see looking around like she was hoping for the best outcome, or praying. Everyone else looked like this was just normal and had complete faith in the pilot. Thankfully we made two more right turns and were apparently lined up on the correct runway, because we landed safely.

1130 pm

Well I have organized my post and pasted my journal entries into the appropriate days they happened.  During my trip I slept when I was tired and saw various people around the world at various times of day.  It seems like six months since I went to Thailand. This trip was incredibly fast paced, and if I didn't pay attention to what was going on all the time I would have missed it. It was uncomfortable at times to be surrounded by no one that spoke English. It was difficult to communicate in Asian countries where you have no knowledge of their language and pointing is considered rude.

Along the trip I realized the risk I was taking if I was to get sick.  That exhausting schedule could have become a nightmare in a heartbeat. Regardless of how skilled your doctor is, if you can not communicate with him you remain oblivious to your diagnosis.

I learned little things along the way, far too many to mention in this post. It is the details and similarities, the differences and contrast. The shock of doing the entire world so quickly gave me a worldwide snapshot.  Rather than vacation then return, grow older, mature, then visit another place.  I saw it all at once, taking it all in relatively in a very short amount of time. Smelling the warm air in south Asia, and then going to bed in the chill air of Ireland.  It was the mind-melt of taking off from Iceland at 6:30pm and landing in San Francisco after a 9 hour flight, two hours later at 8:30pm.  It was being tired enough that you can recognize the kind European man on the flight with you to ask you if you were alright.

It was a chance to understand a very clear difference and similarity in all people around the world when you look or act differently than they do.

I remember reading that the guest sees more in an hour than the host sees all year.  That could not be more true.  I learned this summer that when you visit a place there is a honeymoon that can vary from place to place.  The Grand Canyon had a honeymoon of about an hour, and then I was ready to go.

After awhile you feel the sun, see the bugs, smell the horse-shit and are ready to go.  The honeymoon is over.

When I went to Phi Phi I expected a long passionate honeymoon that made me long for the return, but that was not the case. The trip was exhausting, but you won't hear me complaining.  A truth dawned on me on the long drive home from the airport last night. If you look for the beauty in things, pretty soon you will see everything's beautiful. Beauty can be replaced with interest, amazement, and can refer to people and things. How you look at things is the most important thing we can pay attention to.  Take a walk-about on the tourist trail of the world.  Listen to the 23 year old kid from Germany impressing the French girls at the breakfast table with his knowledge of America from a 2 day visit he had to Atlanta and getting every fact wrong.  He was not wrong to his experience.  His experience taught him what he spoke of was real, and even though what he said was completely ridiculous and full of generalizations, stereotypes, and colored by Hollywood. I knew his story would inspire 4 more tickets to the great USA to be bought with Euros at a discounted exchange rate.

My trip has inspired so many stories and I have only documented a handful of my experiences in my journal. Every smell of every food in 7 countries was delightfully different. I recognized companies from home everywhere.  My debit card worked at any ATM without a problem, and most merchants that accepted a major credit card.

Cash was easily used everywhere.  It is not an efficient way to travel so many countries.  There are exchange rates, and you pay when you re-exchange what you don't spend.  It can get expensive quickly as it is all % based, or wrapped up into their posted conversion, which may differ slightly from the actual or change daily. It is great to do if you want to check out the cool and very different currencies around the world.  You can carry many coins in a small bag and it might be worth it to you to come back home with coins as token gifts to your friends and family from around the world.

 Every experience I had overseas was valuable. I will always remember every person I met and every look in their eyes.  The world is a huge fucking place. There are thousands of miles with people stacked up five high, and thousands of miles of barren unused land. Just as different as everything you see, you are a ambassador to everything you are. Everyone sees your country in your eyes and if you stick around long enough you can see their country in theirs.

Nobody anywhere means you anymore harm than anyone else. They will know about you very quickly and remember your name.  Everyone will have a copy of your passport because you are on their soil.  The locals will know more about you than you know of any of them.  Especially if you are an American that has a blog.  They could find out so much more about you because in their country they feel like they can not speak freely so they will most likely not have a blog.  You will not feel like you can speak freely either, if you know the laws overseas. Travel over there, and feel what it is like to read a newspaper and notice that there is no CSI, crime scene investigations, due process, or forensic autopsies going on.  What you will find quickly is that the people are the law.  If you step out of line many of them will carry you to the police station where the Royal Police will impose monarchy laws upon you swiftly and effectively.

You do not have to be a lawless man either to be a criminal in another place.  You can legally smoke a joint here in California, fly on a plane to Thailand, have a legal bucket of booze, act like a fool, get carried to the police station, ordered to take a drug test, and become a criminal without breaking a single law.  You will pay the local consequences wherever you are at.  It does not matter how good your American lawyer is if they do not speak the language or know the legal processes.  Your local lawyer may be very good, but you will pay dearly and hope he understands you.

When you go to Europe they see you walking around just like in our country.  There are cameras all over the place, and even security officers wear cameras.  It is so effective the local police don't even worry about carrying firearms.  They are all friendly and have a baton, maybe pepper spray, and handcuffs.

I am pretty sure Russia knew of my trek through their airport, even before I got off the plane they knew the contents of my bag, and interrogated be with their beautiful blue eyes before I got to enter the terminal.

Korea had really fancy facial recognition software.  They had to calibrate it since my facial hair was a different than my passport.  Once I walked passed the robot cleaning the airport floor, very slowly and thoroughly,  I realized they will know how many times I go to the bathroom after I long forgot.  In fact privacy was incredibly different to Koreans as I noticed when the young Korean woman took a picture of what I was writing on my keyboard.

Hong Kong is like New York city.  There was a diversity I have never seen in California, perhaps maybe in Los Angeles. People from everywhere speaking every language were in a hurry to continue their business at their next meetings.  They all looked very tired, like they couldn't give a flying fuck what the Hong Kong dollar looked like.  It is very decorative and I suggest you check it out.  They cut their coins like flowers. I don't think they are worry about you in Hong Kong.  Like any big city, they hope for the best, and sort out the rest.

I stuck out so bad in Wuhan, China that there was no way I was going to do anything questionable.  Everyone in the world had an eye on me.  I know this because none of them showed the slightest care of letting me know they noticed me.  I could have walked through a crowd and it would part without anyone making eye contact with me.

I learned that security is so relative to the perceived threat.  I left with my favorite small pocket knife.  I knew you could fly legally with it out of the US, but had no idea how far I would get.  It is small enough that I could do no harm with it, but I do use it for small repairs, trimming my fingernails, cutting tape, and cutting tags off clothes. I made it out of San Francisco, through Wuhan China, on a domestic flight in Thailand, and it was not confiscated until I was leaving Thailand. It was a shame because it was my favorite pocket knife, but I can get another on Amazon. I was kind of glad I got it confiscated when I got to Ireland.  I ask if you could have a pocket knife and an young local exclaimed, "Aye, what does anyone need with a knife, you'll go straight to the slammer for that for sure. No way, you can't have a pocket knife in Dublin!"  I didn't look it up to be true or not because Thailand security disarmed me long before.

I learned that you can fit in better along the tourist route in Asia.  Unless you can speak the local language forget it.  Start walking through the countryside and people will see you coming a mile away from their porch and do a drive by on their scooter just to get a closer look at the lost tourist.  I fit in pretty well in Ireland.  Well enough that people ask me if I was local before I left.  I just wore European sandals, tight pants, and a sweat top from the local Penney's and grunted for communication.  I learned quickly that when you go into a bar and want a Guinness, you must say exactly, and in your best Irish accent, "I'll have a pint of Guinness Ale."  It is not beer, not just Guinness. Guinness makes a lot of different beers and I don't see that Ale is one of them, but when you say that you are always given a correctly poured cold glass of their delicious chocolate beer with thirty million bubbles in each glass, poured with precision, patiently enough to wait for the last step, and placed correctly on the bar with the Golden Harp facing you.

Not used or needed shit I lugged around the world..
  • personal dosimeter (im a nerd)
  • neck pillow (wrap up your sweater, works better)
  • military heavy duty poncho (if I would have needed it, it is most valuable)

The most important thing I learned was how we are different from other countries.  I am comfortable with being American, as it is all I have ever really known.  This trip was one of the single most important vacations I have ever had.  It was long, it was tiring, it was quick. There is no impression like the first impression though.  Every interaction, every purchase, every ticket counter, and every immigration line I stood in was a chance to see the culture and people.  To see our similarities and differences.  To see how far we have come as a country, and how far we have to go. To understand the world is a very large place with millions of people all trying to do it right.  Right for there family, right for their country, and right for themselves.  Everyone has very different interpretations of every concept, every word, every tone of voice.

The most important appreciation I got from being overseas is the simple fact that in America no one is worried that what they might share with the world will come back to hurt them. That free speech thing is an amazing concept. Everyday we post public messages to social media without giving them very much thought. There is very little chance that one mans rantings will mean anything at all and so no one worries about what we say.  We like things that may be posted by extremist groups, we share them, and comment on them without worry that we will simply disappear into the night.  There are no dead laying on the side of our roads, and when someone goes missing we have a complex and developed network of communication to locate them.  

Furthermore our free speech means that those in our office need to be strong. A king with no criticism never really knows how his people feel.

Tuesday September 12th, 2017
Hiked 3.8 miles

8:47 am

I am at the airport.  I had that Big Irish Breakfast and it was really big.  It was the sort of breakfast you want to have before you go chop a Christmas tree.  It was loaded in saturated fats and delicious. 

Being abroad makes me appreciate our country on a new level.  Bickering about the presidents hair seems to be of little concern when faced with other world problems. 

Monday September 11th, 2017
Hiked 4.8 miles

2:30 pm

So today I went out to find some real Irish food and find that spinner toy with the gears I saw a few days ago.  I think my nephew would love it. 

I found a restaurant called the old mill that had something local sounding on it.  Bangers and Mash it said.  It was only a mile away so I headed off toward it.  

The restaurant was nice, elegant and hidden away. Now that I have officially acquired a taste for Guinness I ordered one to go with my food.  

When my food arrives I am disappointed after my first few bites.  I can't discern any notes of spice from the sausage.  The gravy is slightly salty, but lacks bullion.  The mash potatoes are very much just mashed potatoes. It was not my favorite, but I am learning that I have also become used to a lot of spices and salt. The beer though.  The beer still has my full attention.

Sunday September 10th, 2017
Hiked 10.1 miles

8:00 pm

The oldest castle tower in Dublin. 
So today I had two goals. To see the Guinness Storehouse where I would buy my taste for Guinness, and to see the oldest cathedral around. 

Today it rained on and off.  It would start to downpour so I would take shelter then it would immediately let up, and the cycle continued many times over.  Each time I felt like a coward for taking cover.  At the end of the journey I gave up trying not to get wet and I didn't get any wetter than if I would have taken cover.  Although I was only wearing cotton, there was enough break between showers I remained mostly dry.