Do you want to have a wonderful relationship?  A relationship where you can enjoy every moment, feel free, loved, and secure?  Do you want a creamy smooth relationship with a variety of flavors melded together in one package?

I think everyone wants some form of this.  The ways we go about it are as diverse as the number of people on the planet.  There are some universal principles that apply to all people around the world. The ego, self worth, suffering, motivation, and desires all have a part to play.

The most important thing that needs to happen before you read what I have to say is identify a relationship.  You have relationships all around you.  There is no need for it to be a romantic relationship for you to work on it. All relationships matter and can be improved.  The relationship is the bowl or cone you will build upon.  It is the empty vessel of desire that craves to be filled.

Before any relationship can be improved it has to have room in the vessel.

When you build a sundae with someone it is important to share what you are putting in it together. There are many flavors you can add, and even give it different textures. Here are a few different ingredients you should be aware of.

Cherries - These are the little things that stick out in a relationship.  They can complete the whole package.  These include personal close, romantic, or intimate moments.

Ice Cream - This makes up the majority of your sundae.  It is the everyday feeling you get with the person.  It is best served smooth, but some do like a little nuts in theirs. Whether you like it smooth or nutty this is one of the most important ingredients.

Chocolate - This is the brown stuff that fulfills your sexual desire. Chocolate is passion.  Passion can be dangerous to add in large quantities and could lead to you mindlessly putting some shit in your sundae as it is very similar in color.

Shit - Very similar to passion and often placed in the sundae by mistake in the absentmindedness and desire that chocolate creates.  Jealousy, suspicion, anger, and hurt are all shit.  They can take over the entire flavor of your sundae so please keep the poo out.

Pineapple preserves - These provide as much sweetness as texture.  There are many such toppings you can put on your sundae that add both flavor and texture.  These are your adventures, vacations, and history with someone.

Bowl - The bowl is the vessel that holds your relationship.  It is your heart.  It starts off empty but must be handled with care.  It is fragile and the more sundae you build into it the more you risk.  You must not fear dropping your bowl.  Handle it like it is precious to you as it will always belong to you.

Unfortunately most people only worry about the status of a relationship when there is a turd in it.  The thing about shit is that when you put it in your ice cream sundae it really messes up the whole flavor.  The cherries even lose their desire after awhile. When there is a turd in your sundae there has to still be desire for the sundae in order to fix it.  When you have a cup of turds there is no point going to therapy to remove them because without any ice cream to add you will just be left with a dirty bowl.
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When you are focused on balancing your chakras it is helpful to know what triggers each of them. Every sense has a vibration that corresponds to that location. Planets associated with these chakras still escape my understanding for I have not explored the astrological study yet. Please feel free to contact me if you understand this correlation.
What's the difference between a slut and a lady? One will tell you she cheated, the other won't tell you that.

To suggest that someone is lying would be the very accusation of deceitful intent where jealousy is born. Is it so bad that someone get attention from more than just you? This feeling and word has no room in our quest for happiness. To say someone cheated and to judge them for such behavior is to cause suffering for yourself and everyone by proxy.

Can't you see how feeling jealous will cause someone not to want to be around you? Then someone bee-bops on in with a smile and makes your love happy. This irritates you because instead of being happy with your love, you somehow managed to screw up the last reminiscence of whatever made you happy with them long ago.

Perhaps the person you are with causes you to be jealous.  If you can not figure out why you are jealous chances are the problem belongs within you, not your partner. The problem has nothing to do with the trustworthiness of your partner.  The problem started with you being jealous.  When you harbor unresolved jealousies, you cause relationship problems. You are raising this dragon by yourself. Your insecurities will not be attractive to your partner, and they will begin to look elsewhere as you insist you are not worthy with your accusations and turmoil.

People can align with jealousy for power. If you are jealous in all your relationships then you must look inside yourself.  If it is, however, aroused in you by a particular individual you must be very cautious. Everyone gets lonely at times.  It is in these lonely times that it can be an exhilarating rush to have others competing for your attention.  You will find men and women alike that discuss using jealousy to arouse passion in their relationship. This is a desperate, and very dangerous way to receive attention. The dragon of jealousy does not show restraint with it's passion.

Furthermore those that succumb to the power of jealousy will continue to do so until they learn better. You will find that by arousing jealousy you will scare away those that are cautious of it and attract those that align with it. This causes chaos.  Dragons like to defeat other dragons and they all get hurt. 

Jealousy is a timid small sweet creature when it is young. Like children, it brings a bond between those that care about it. Its promises to keep your love lasting in its youth. You should never feed jealousy, and like gremlins there's something about midnight. Jealousy grows up quickly, and soon your chasing this dragon around your bedroom in the middle of the night flailing your arms around like an idiot. Nobody gets any sleep, and the safety of your home grows dim like the grey walls of a prison cell. Threatening the safety of yourself, home, children, or pets will certainly be the death of love.

Nobody cheats, nobody owns you. Stop thinking you can control others' hearts because you can't.  Resistance to what is - only causes you suffering. You can promise loyalty and dedication to someone, but if you promise your heart will never change or love another you are starting to lie. Once jealousy grows its wings it takes couples together in pairs, with both claws to its lair. This dragon does not want to destroy you. This dragon wants to keep you both near. It slays your love under the pretense of keeping it alive. This dragon loves you to death, poisoned by its venomous presence. The selfish nature of this dragon brings a bitter taste with ramifications that scar forever. We ought to discourage those that want to keep these dragons as pets. 

If anyone should recognize this dragon it is green with envy, real only to those that find it in the cracks of a relationship, and remains hidden to everyone else. If you ever see this dragon you must face fearing it. When you open your eyes it will have no power. Most of what you worried about never happened. They fly away easily when they are young. Enjoy the increased time in a happy relationship without the bondage to this dragon. 

The cheated and cheaters are the names given to the victims of jealousy. Let jealousy scurry off to other dragons to live happily when it's young. That's the best for everyone. Try to raise one of these and it will try to hatch you like an egg. Also, I do not know any dragon slayers with credible experience.

BTW..   The dragons biggest trick is convincing you, you are not him.
For three years now I have been using Blogger.  I have no reason to go elsewhere.  Since Google has taken ownership there have been no problems as far as I can tell.

As a developer I always had a reason for testing new software and ringing the newest bells.  The one mistake I always made before was mixing my writing with my playground. While I was updating the newest blog software, or messing around in my database, and updating my plugins, my writings have repeatedly succumbed to tragic loss.

Then I went to Blogger and left the programming to the professionals.  Now I could concentrate on my writing.  The time I have had available to write has more than doubled. If you are still interested in my technical analysis, that article can be found here.

My advice was sound though.  Keeping it simple has allowed me to concentrate on what blogging is good for. It is like a car.  If you like taking it apart all the time, you won't have time to go anywhere.

Instead of getting good at installing blog software.  Stick with one and start blogging.