ISO 100 - 18 mm - f/22 - 1/3 sec 
During Easter weekend I went to Pacific Grove to practice taking photos. The photos below were taken during Blue Hour.

I tried to take slow shutter speed photos during the daylight hours, but without a dark filter on my lens I was not able to get less than 1/8 sec without overexposure.

During the evening hours I returned to Lover's Point Pacific Grove to catch the photos below. 

ISO 100 - 18 mm - f/14 - 5 sec
I started out with a high aperture setting to get everything in focus.  I gradually backed the aperture out to f/8 in the end to gather more light and focus on the rocks. 

All these pictures were taken with a infrared shutter remote and tripod.  It would be impossible to get long shutter speed shots in focus otherwise.  Even still you can see a slight amount of shutter vibration in some of the lower shutter speed photos.

At the end of this photo session I moved down to the beach level for a different angle.
ISO 100 - 18 mm - f/13 - 4 sec
Next time I do a long shutter speed photo session of moving water I will try to make the following preparations.

  • Take a dark filter for daylight photos.
  • Take more photos.
  • Wait till the sun sets more for longer exposure times. 
  • Bring better clothes to keep warm and comfortable. 

ISO 100 - 26 mm - f/8 - 3 sec

ISO 100 - 55 mm - f/13 - 3 sec

ISO 100 - 18 mm - f/8 - 2.5 sec