Bismuth Crystals Cause Levitation

Picture from another side with instructions on creating them.
In a discussion about crystals with my brother he showed me a very interesting crystal made out of bismuth.  The formation of the crystal resembles sacred geometry that has been written about for thousands of years.  To look at the formation of the crystal you will see a symbol that you will see everywhere. It is a symbol that even if we do not understand sticks with us.

Notice this Tibetan ceiling pattern.
Two bismuth crystal forms interlocking.
Is it a coincidence or intuitive knowledge that
 his pattern appears on a ceiling.
I have seen this same pattern in wall decorations, wood siding, and decorations from all cultures of the world. It resembles the letter G and has very fascinating metaphysical properties. The properties help with transformation, progression, and order.

Here are some properties of the element. This crystal is formed from the pure element bismuth.
Bismuth levitation experiment. 

In science, experiments are being conducted to explore bismuth in regards to levitation because of its unique magnetic properties.

Throughout history we have seen this same pattern, but usually with the patterns interlocked.

It is a hypothesis of mine that interlocking crystals of a pure element with rare magnetic properties could produce a levitating effect. Perhaps if would react to other magnetic forces by harmonizing within itself somehow.  This is only a intuitive hypothesis of course, but I think this sort of research is fascinating.

Here is a neat YouTube video on how you can make bismuth crystals in your kitchen.