LED Water Light Show II

New and improved 2015

I revisited the light show that hides my TV cables after getting tired of looking at pipe insulation all the time in the center.  I made many updates.

Improvements that needed to be made.

  • Prevent black stuff from growing in tubes.
  • Make center look better than pipe insulation. 
  • Change the light show program

So here are some of the changes I made.  

  • Added a little clorine to the water to prevent mold or algae from growing. (6 months successful.)
  • Reassembled project using a wooden dowel for the center
  • Glued lights to wooden dowel with hot-glue gun
  • Re-sealed lights to tubes with water in them ( I haven't determined the best way yet, I used silicone the first time and mostly hot-glue the second.  They both held water tight, but this is the most challenging part.)
  • Wrapped entire project in twine
  • Flipped project so that lights are running away from the TV rather than into it.