We Lose Nothing.. Only Gain

Flamingos hanging out together at the San Diego Zoo.
I used to think I was afraid of losing love.  It seemed like something that was possible, but now I realize a greater truth than what was originally not apparent to me.  You lose nothing at all.

I think about friends I have had often.  They become a part of you.  Somewhere deep inside their memory still lives. Life is short and it is silly to think that anything will last forever, much less any given time. One thing does last forever though, one thing stands out among all the other character attributes of any individual.  That is how they made you feel.  You cannot get away from this, being around people is something we all have to do.  

From time to time you will disagree, be hurt, betrayed, and neglected by everyone you will ever meet. Everyone will hurt you, it is just the way it is.  Unless you can rise above the hurt.  The hurt happens because they hurt themselves, or have been hurt by others. Hurt people - hurt people.  

I was alone that day :|
How can you fight hurt?  You certainly cannot fight it by hurting others, this just causes a deteriorating atmosphere for all involved. You repay hurt with kindness.  Not the take it on the other cheek sorta thing at all. You do more than turn the other cheek.  You do something that shows your love. It doesn't have to be toward the one that hurt you, and there is such a thing as tough love. You have to put out what you want to get back. Just as negative feelings are contagious so are positive.  

Remember, your mind is like a computer.  You put garbage into it and you will produce more of the same. You cannot make things better by talking about how bad they are.  You can only do what you can in your day. 

Take an extra moment when you are feeling down, depressed, or tormented to stretch your heart.  Do something you would not do naturally, until it becomes the norm.  Give positivity and the negative people will respond surprisingly positive. The ones that are stuck in their ways will find you a party pooper and leave. 

I have loved many negative people in my life.  This is because the average person is less than positive, and love does not discriminate. With some of my friends I have developed some very quality relationships where we do not spend lots of time together.  We spend instead - Quality time

This is the amount of time I can share with these individuals before their radiant personalities begin to cause a negative response.  Or the company has outstayed my patience.  This is when the best thing to do is leave.  It does not mean that I love that person less, but different.  

In fact, when you can establish a quality relationship with someone you will love them more. 
Deutsch: Yin Yang
Deutsch: Yin Yang (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Symptoms of Balance

  • More honesty
  • Self realization
  • Positive feelings
  • Desire
  • Challenge
  • Interest
  • Content
  • Trust
  • Passion

It is silly to think you can get rid of people by deleting them from your contact list, or your social media. They are still there, you just won't know who is calling when they decide to contact you. 

People do not go away, even in death they live through those that remember them and the mark they made on the earth.

Every moment you experience is one more added to your life.  Never subtracted, count your blessings. Don't devalue or blame anyone for your hurt, adjust yourself, you can think more positively than that.