ISO 100 - 18 mm - f/22 - 1/3 sec 
During Easter weekend I went to Pacific Grove to practice taking photos. The photos below were taken during Blue Hour.  

I tried to take slow shutter speed photos during the daylight hours, but without a dark filter on my lens I was not able to get less than 1/8 sec without overexposure.

During the evening hours I returned to Lover's Point Pacific Grove to catch the photos below. 

ISO 100 - 18 mm - f/14 - 5 sec
I started out with a high aperture setting to get everything in focus.  I gradually backed the aperture out to f/8 in the end to gather more light and focus on the rocks. 

All these pictures were taken with a infrared shutter remote and tripod.  It would be impossible to get long shutter speed shots in focus otherwise.  Even still you can see a slight amount of shutter vibration in some of the lower shutter speed photos.

At the end of this photo session I moved down to the beach level for a different angle.
ISO 100 - 18 mm - f/13 - 4 sec
Next time I do a long shutter speed photo session of moving water I will try to make the following preparations.

  • Take a dark filter for daylight photos.
  • Take more photos.
  • Wait till the sun sets more for longer exposure times. 
  • Bring better clothes to keep warm and comfortable. 

ISO 100 - 26 mm - f/8 - 3 sec

ISO 100 - 55 mm - f/13 - 3 sec

ISO 100 - 18 mm - f/8 - 2.5 sec

We are all caught somewhere in the Dao.  Either more on the Yin side or Yang side.  We continually fluctuate throughout our lives between Yin and Yang although through our instincts Yang usually comes more naturally to us. It is Yin that most Zen seekers find for balance. You will notice as you take this quiz many questions you may have answered differently at a different time, and you may answer it differently in the future.  This quiz will let you know where you are at this point in time.  Not which way you are moving. 

Once you submit this quiz your results will be emailed to you.  I will never use your email for spam btw. The source for this quiz was built upon a PDF posted to the internet by Dr Cort Curtis on his website.
The PDF can be accessed directly HERE, and has additional information. Alternatively, you can also take this quiz manually by printing out this PDF.
Assuring me a safe homestead said the one that I did marry
My family I brought alongside me to a desolate flat prairie.
One mistake along the road from  New York back to my home
We stayed some years, I went to school, and out popped a little gnome.

My family meant my life to me but to the gnome it was a game
He grinned at me with a crooked grin and cheeks flushed red with shame
Took my wife down under his wing and slandered me with glee.
I dealt with rumors, lies, scandal, and vile scrutiny.

I studied hard and shared my time with wife and family.
My wife got cold and cut me out un-phased by beg or plea.
I never knew what sparked this time of chaotic tragedy,
but now I have learned that in my youth i saw things differently.

I never saw the darkness come till she left me in our home
This time though, I held on tight, and I scorned that little gnome
My argument was simply I wanted to be a part of the family
To them this crime was vile, and they responded negatively.

The only thing the gnome did say to me before I did go
The secrets of this esoteric clan were not for me to know.
Deep within they all did know I never would fit in,
I never would!, I would proclaim, they all are full of sin!

So I returned to my family with whom I was raised.
I visited often - the land below; every time amazed
how much I miss my offspring that stayed so deep within.
When I leave I cry and grieve for I don't know how she's been.

I come back home to make a place she'd feel safe and warm
I gather all my family around and to all of them did inform.
My offspring called me and I must make sure she is ok.
They all reached out to welcome her, all who did betrayed.

My nerves are wrecked when I call each week with no answer or hello.
I text, email, and send her messages and  never ever know
That ugly gnome is seems is out to be the hero of the day
He gives my offspring everything and lies along the way.

One time I did receive from her a simple little note
She said she was fine, and sorry; that is all she wrote.
I told her I did love her and to this she did reply,
but since that day, she has not to say, even a goodbye.

So if she wants to stay out there with that goofy little prick,
believing lies and painting roses on shit piles in the sticks.
She's welcome to, and can surely do, with a little amount of will.
For my love may stay, but in it's way, is the dad that she will kill.